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School Assist Program (SAP)​

A psycho-social awareness program in association with Prime Assist!

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Most often we tend to give importance to our physical health and forget to focus on our Mental Health. Your Mental Health is our Priority.

Prime Assist brings to you Scool Assist Program (SAP) through a campaign called “Millions of Smiles”, a platform that gives emphasis on Emotional Wellness, Health and Hygiene, Academic excellence and Behaviour Enhancement for students.

The courses offered by SAP are delivered in three categories namely Buds (1-5 classes), Climbers (6-8 classes) and Bloomers (9-12 classes). Through the campaign “Millions of Smiles” we also conduct events like Story telling sessions for students, Webinars & Talkshows for parents, teachers and the school management.

We are glad to collaborate with you on this journey and work together towards building healthy minds and spreading millions of smiles. Come join us. You smile, we smile.

School Assist Program (SAP)

How does SAP help?

For Students

  • Creates Self-Awareness
  • Develops Concentration
  • Improves Social Behaviour
  • Boosts Energy
  • Spreads Positivity
  • Induces Good Habits
  • Improves Academic Excellence
  • Helps develop matured and healthy relationships
  • Helps to respect parents and teachers’ contribution

For Teachers

  • Helps to deliver education laced with a sense of humor
  • Development workshops
  • Gives insight to understand student’s issues, better
  • Develop a feel-good relationship with students
  • Make learning a lot more fun
  • Improves work life balance

For Parents

  • Helps parents to like parenting.
  • Helps parents to understand children
  • Helps parents to offer children unadulterated happiness
  • To Become easily approachable to children
  • Create an environment for children to speak their hearts out
  • To love life

Mrs. Bhuvana Shankar
Senior Academician

Dr. Deepa Gopinath
Consultant Psychiatrist
Co-founder – Chennai Mind Clinic