School Assist Program

Millions of Smiles

The pandemic has thrown life in the world out of gear over the past 2 years and in the bargain, we have lost a human personality trait called “SMILE”.

A smile is a way of expressing our happiness and pleasure. To bring back these disappearing smiles on the faces of students, teachers and parents, Prime Assist has embarked on a venture called the “School Assist Program (SAP)”

SAP – School Assist Program

Offers psycho social awareness programs with real-time assessments supported with tele-counselling services for students, parents and management. This is an interactive online session once in a week, first of its kind in the country.



Primary: Classes 1-5


Middle school: Classes 6-8


Senior school: Classes 9-12

School Assist Program (SAP)

How does SAP help?

For Students

Creates self-awareness

Improves social behaviour

Induces good habits

Improves academic excellence

Helps to develop healthy and respectful relationships

Mrs. Bhuvana Shankar
Senior Academician

Dr. Deepa Gopinath
Consultant Psychiatrist
Co-founder – Chennai Mind Clinic